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As a parent the day that your child comes home and tells you they are being bullied at school is heartbreaking. Bully Defense Tools is a free web-based program that teaches kids, families, and schools how to stop bullying. However to truly understand bullying you have to understand the bullying ecosystem comprised of the target, the bully, the bystander, and the parent. Bully Defense tools has tools for each of these people to stop bullying.

The Bystander

A bystander could be the most important person to affect the social dynamics of bullying. Bully Defense Tools teaches kids to recognize when they have influence, and how they can take action.

The Bully

A bully is not a bully. They are a human being who is committing the actions of a bully. Bully Defense Tools teach kids to break the bully habit and find other ways to build self esteem.

The Parent

Being the parent of a child who is being bullied or who is actually being a bully is a huge challenge. Bully Defense Tools gives tools to parents to act in the best interest of all the children affected by bullying.

The Target

The Target is the person being bullied. Bully Defense Tools has eight awesome tools that help tip the balance of power and allow kids to find power with in themselves.

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