A Resource For Kids, Parents
& Teachers

Bully Defense Tools is a child centered program that prepares children to take action when dealing with bullying. There are many great programs that focus on adult intervention, however what makes Bully Defense Tools different is the realistic role played responses (tools) that help children change the inherent power imbalance between bully and target.

What is the Bully Defense Tools system?

For the Bully

What should you do if someone says you're a bully?

Learn how the bully habit is built - and broken.

Learn how you can make and keep friends

Learn how to get help so you can stop being a bully

For the Upstander

How to stand up to a person who is bullying your friend

How to discourage bully behavior

How you can make a difference

How to get help for someone who is being bullied

For the Target

How you can tell 

bugging vs bullying

How you can stop someone from bullying you or bugging you

How you can handle a "Frienemy"

When to talk to an adult and how