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Registered Martial Arts Schools Using Bully Defense Tools  

​Practical Martial Arts

Function First Louth
DENSHINKAN Martial Arts Academy

WhirlWin Martial Arts
360 Martial Arts Academy
Impact Tae Kwon Do
AKKA Karate USA - Independence
FTS Martial Arts
Shimamoto Dojo
Hero Martial Arts Academy. 
Freewind Martial Arts
Bulsajo TaeKwonDo 
West Coast Krav Maga
USA Family Karate
Trusted Guard Martial Arts
Kelly's Martial Arts
Canadian Tae Kwon Do College
Jung Do Martial Arts Academy
Bays Martial Art Academy
Karate America DeForest (DeForest, WI)
Trusted Guard Martial Arts
Life Ki-do
NextGen Martial Arts
Nebraska ATA Martial Arts
Bujinkan Kamatsu Dojo Puerto Rico
Cincinnati Martial Arts Club
Connelly's Academy of Martial Arts
Rock Athletics
Manuel Vega's Kenpo Karate Studio
Tang Soo Do Karate Institute
KSA Martial Academy
Mr. Kersey's Karate School
Edgewood Karate Academy
Saltamacchio's Tang Soo Do Karate
Kickin Martial arts
Karstadt Taekwon-Do - Arizona Kicks
Tom Vo's Taekwondo Academy
Disciples Edge Karate
United Sports Tae Kwon Do
Gold Medal Martial Arts
Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions
Altoona Tang Soo Do
The Martial Arts Arena
iYa Taekwondo
Karate USA
Peak Performance MMA Southlake
Goshin Karate - Scottsdale Arizona
Ortiz Chinese Boxing Academy
PRIDE Martial Arts
Tiger Rock Martial Arts
ASTIN'S Martial Arts Center
Locust Grove Karate


Bully Defense Tools has been created for elementary school age children to deal with their peers in difficult situations. The principles and strategies are universal, however the context is for children age 5-12.

Kid's need to have tools that are geared to their age and development level. Bully Defense Tools are carefully aligned to elementary school culture so the principles will be directly transferable to a child's daily life. 


Bully Defense Tools, Ages 5-12