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For Elementary Schools or Martial Art Academies:

We would love to have you use our program. However, we ask that you register your school or academy before you do so and respect the intellectual property in it's entirety.

Bully Defense Tools is an essential social emotional curriculum that is an invaluable aid to the class room or the dojo. Each tool should be presented in a 5-10 minute interactive talk given once or twice per week. In order for certain tools to to be effective (Bully Stamp, Bug Stopper, Bully Eraser) students must role play as a group with their teacher and after with their peers.

Registered schools will be listed on our website and will qualify for additional resources and support.

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For Parents Of A Child Being Bullied:

1. Please read the Target Tools section on our website in private. Become familiar with the tools.

2.  Sit down in a quiet place and listen to your child. 

3.  Once your child feels heard, open the Bully Defense Tools website and begin with the Bully Analyzer in the target section. Use the tools as a guide for conversation. The goal is for children to be able to see how they can use the bully tools to deal with the situation.

4. Role play the bully's actions and coach your child to respond with the Bully Defense Tools. Once your child is able to comfortably perform the tools, video tape your child. Review the video and point out how powerful they are. Focus on praise to develop confidence.

5. Email your child's teacher and describe what has been happening to   your child. Include a link to the Bully Defense Tools website so they can understand how you have prepared your child.

How do you start using the Bully Defense Tools?