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If that does not help

you may have to use

the Bully Stamp.

Say: "Stop, Leave Me Alone"

in a strong voice, with strong eye contact, and strong posture. Expect, the bully to yammer by saying something like, "Don't be so sensitive"

Repeat again,"Stop, leave me alone." with the same strength.

Walk away.

Bully Interview: This is the job interview you don't want!

A bully is like a shark. A shark roams through the sea trying to find its prey. A bully roams through the school yard trying to find someone to bully.

Sharks have poor eyesight, so when they bump into something, they immediately bite it. If it tastes like a seal they keep chomping. If it tastes like a surf board the shark will spit it out and find something else to try.

A bully will do something mean and see how a target reacts. It will be either verbal, where the bully says mean things, or physical, where the bully grabs, pushes, shoves, or hits the target. This is the bully interview.

If the target responds saying "STOP, leave me alone!" in a strong manner with: 

STRONG Eye Contact,


STRONG Posture


the bully will usually find another target.

If the target has weak eye contact, a weak voice, or weak submissive posture, the target has passed the bully interview and now has been given the job of being the bully's victim.

No one wants this horrible job!