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Don't Expect to Get The Last Word.

Your goal is to show you are not a good target.

Bully Yammer

Bullies will almost always yammer when you tell them to stop.

They may say:

  • You're such a tattle tale
  • You're so sensitive​

Remember, the bully is yammering to keep his or her power over you.

2nd Yammer

Bullies will often yammer again to retain their power.

Why Use The Bully Stamp

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Label the actions: "I feel like I'm being bullied!"


Warn the Bully "If you don't stop I am telling...

(say your teacher's/yard duty's/principal's name). and you will get in a lot of trouble!

The  Bully Stamp!

The Bully Stamp is verbal boundary that allows you to you to take your power back. Bullies think they have the right to push you around, they don't. If you stand up to them and tell them to stop you have shown them and other bullies you are not a victim.


Say: "Stop, Leave Me Alone" in a strong voice, with strong eye contact, and strong posture.