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There are four steps to the Bully Eraser

1.  Take two big breaths and listen.‚Äč

2.   Acknowledge and repeat back to them what they said.

3.  Apologize for what happened.

4.  Do 7 nice things for the person who felt bullied  in order to rebuild the relationship.

What do you do if someone calls you a bully?

Being called a bully can be confusing. Many times we don't realize that our actions are indeed bullying. Often we think they we're just messing with someone or trying to be funny. The problem is that people don't see things the same way.  

The Bully Eraser tool is a strategy that will help you fix the problem. 

First, understand that if someone thinks you are bullying them it is a big deal. Most schools have a "no bully" policy and you could get in a lot of trouble unless things change. 

Bullying is an action. If you stop the action you stop being a bully.