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Conflict can be tricky. It usually starts from a disagreement then spins out of control. 

Conflict may be hurtful; it may be repetitive. However conflict is not bullying because there is not an imbalance of power.

Step 1 Listen

If someone is angry listen to what he or she has to say. They may be right.

If they are right:

Apologize and say. "Hey, I'm sorry your right."
(Then give them time to cool down.)

If you think they are wrong use step 2

Step 2 Repeat

Repeat their points back to them. This is called empathetic listening and it shows you care.

Step 3 Respect

It's a good idea to tell the person your having conflict that you respect them or at least their point of view.


"Hey Timmy, you think the Giants are the best baseball team. I understand, but I disagree, hey, I do respect your opion and can see why you think that.

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