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Talking To A Parent

Talking to another parent about their child is often harder then talking to the school. Obviously if you have established a relationship with the other parent communication is easier, however, more often than not you have never talked to them before.

  • Just as you love your child, so do they. No matter how angry you are, TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT!​

  • Figure out the best way you can communicate without being confrontational. 

  • First ask them if they have the time to talk about a few incidents that are happening between your child and theirs. 

  • Do not communicate by texting. Studies have shown empathy is diminished when utilizing this type of communication.

  • In the conversation, stick to the actions described by your child.

  • Do not label their child or their actions.

  • Expect their parents to become emotional, above all remain calm. 

  • Look to create an ally not an enemy.

  • If the conversation becomes abusive or incendiary, end the conversation and talk to your school.

  • ​The goal of communication is to help the child committing the bully behavior as well as your own.